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EyePromise's Storied History in Sports


Since delving into the world of sports in 2011, EyePromise eye vitamins have been able to help athletes at all levels improve their visual performance and reaction time. It all started with 2 doctors and a little curiosity.


EyePromise cofounder and Chief Science Officer (CSO) Dr. Dennis Gierhart and his good friend, a professor at the University of Georgia, wondered if they could impact young, healthy eyes with nutritional supplementation the same way it helps older eyes with age-related eye health issues. Their research confirmed that, indeed, they can improve visual performance and even increase reaction time in young, healthy adults.


From this research, EyePromise moved from college to the major leagues, sharing their research with professional baseball teams and becoming a well-known name in the locker rooms. Now, players on every major league team are taking EyePromise. With this affiliation, we've been able to share our findings with several sports, including football, tennis, sharp shooting, and, most recently, professional golf.


From research to real world...

1 contrast sensitivity
2 reduce glare
one image of visual acuity


Explore what gives athletes increased visual performance.

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Vizual Edge Pro

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Vizual Edge Chewable


EyePromise has vitamin solutions that will be most effective in supporting your unique eye health needs.  Check out our different options and find what works for you.

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