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A Natural Solution for Blue Light Eye Issues.

The EyePromise Screen Shield vitamin line naturally protects the eyes from dangerous blue light emitted by screens.


Did you know that over 90% of U.S. adults experience screen time symptoms?

Some common symptoms of too much screen time include:

Tired eyes

Eye strain

Poor quality of sleep

Occasional dry eye

Burning, irritated eyes

Occasional headaches after prolonged screen use

EyePromise® Screen Shield™ Pro is designed with natural ingredients to help support your eyes during screen time.

Watch the video to learn how Screen Shield Teen can help support your child's eye during screen time by building their natural blue light protection.

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The American Pediatric Association and the World Health Organization have listed out several recommendations for how long children should spend on screens.

We've complied their suggestions into a simple, downloadable chart.

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Watch the video to learn more about EyePromise as a company and what we stand for.

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Screen Shield™ Teen 

EP-SST-Bottle-Mock-Front-LR copy

For kids ages 4-17

One-a-day chewable tablet

Compatible with a daily multi-vitamin

Screen Shield™ Pro

EP-SSP-Bottle-Mock-Front-Web (1)

For adults 18 and up

One-a-day softgel

Compatible with a daily multi-vitamin

Learn more about these vitamins and how they support you and/or your child's eyes.

Discover screen time support

I was totally skeptical, but decided to give these a try. I’m surprised and happy with the results. I spend hours every day watching a screen of some sort, and it took about a week for me to notice a difference. I didn’t even realize my eyes were so tired until it occurred to me while reading that they felt more relaxed. I’m less squinty, and it takes less effort to focus my vision at the end of the day.

Tashyra G., Chicago, IL

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