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Support your eyes
today for years
of better vision.

Mitigate the effects of aging vision. Protect and support your vision to help you see better now and into the future.

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Make improvements you can see - and feel.

  • eye.png Improve Eye Health Support the natural function of your eye.
  • shield.png Increase Macular Pigment More protection for your vision
  • Decrease Eye Stress Lessen the impact of harmful blue light from computers and phones.

One Month Supply: $35.95

Improve your vision today
- preserve it for the future.

EyePromise AREDS 2 Plus with a Multi-Vitamin includes the ingredients in the finalized formula of the AREDS 2 study, plus 12 more vitamins and minerals that are essential for 

good overall health. 

While it does include all of the recommended ingredients, EyePromise chose to reduce the amount of zinc to 40 mg based on the findings of the Institute of Medicine's Food and Nutrition Board. The Institute found that this is the highest amount of zinc a healthy adult should consume; higher doses may cause potentially dangerous side effects.


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