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Screen Time Protection for Young Eyes.

Children and teens are in front of screens as much as adults are, if not more so. In fact, 71% of children 6-12 experience tired eyes from increased screen time. 


This means your children could experience tired eyes, headaches, and eye strain. But, there's a solution. EyePromise® Screen Shield Teen helps protect children's eyes from increasing screen exposure. 


Screen Shield Teen is:


check markFormulated for Children Ages 4-17


check markDesigned to be Taken With a Multi-Vitamin 


check mark Doctor Recommended 


check markFormulated With All Natural Zeaxanthin 


ScreenShield Teen supplement facts

Their Eyes Need a Break.

The toll your children's eyes undergo after hours of scrolling and even homework on digital devices can result in tired eyes, headaches, and eye strain. 69% of kids' screen time usage is not going to change. They need protection.


EyePromise Screen Shield Teen is a chewable eye health vitamin created with all-natural zeaxanthin and other nutrients to protect children's eyes from increasing screen exposure. Designed by a group of doctors to complement a daily multi-vitamin, each ingredient plays a specific role in naturally defending children's eyes from the effects of screen time.