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There is a solution for occasional dry eye and irritation. Get $5 off one bottle of EyePromise EZ Tears using coupon code "NoMoreDryEye".

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Make improvements you can feel. EyePromise EZ Tears offers:

  • prevent-drop.png Quick Occasional Dry Eye Relief Continuous relief from occasional dry eye symptoms in as little as two weeks.
  • Relief to Contact Lens Wearers Extended hours of comfortable contact lens wear.
  • prevent-drop.png No Need for Drops Minimize eye drop use. EyePromise EZ Tears helps lubricate the eyes from the inside.

One Month Supply: $35.95

Live A Life Free Of Occasional Dry Eye!

EyePromise EZ Tears is an eye vitamin made to help people with occasional dry eye produce more natural tears with a greater level of lubrication to relieve eye discomfort and irritation. 

Forty percent of Americans suffer from occasional dry eye, and discomfort due to dryness. In fact, this is the leading reason many patients stop wearing contact lenses. EZ Tears provides rapid relief from symptoms in as little as two weeks, and is backed by an unconditional 30-day, money-back guarantee! Learn more about occasional dry eye symptoms here.

Click the button below for $5 off your next bottle of EZ Tears. Use the coupon code "NoMoreDryEye."

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