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Eye-Opening Truth on Night Driving

Traffic Death Rates are 3X Greater Driving at Night Versus During the Day

EyePromise Night Driving Kit

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What Your Eyes Need Most

What Your Eyes Need most

EyePromise vizual EDGE


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Struggling to see while driving at night? You're not alone.

By age 40, forty percent of people feel discomfort while driving at night. Traffic death rates are 3 times greater driving at night versus during the day, according to the National Safety Council. But every driver deserves to feel confident and independent, regardless of age. And EyePromise vizual EDGE can help!

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Every effort that goes into making driving safer is worth making. That's why EyePromise is giving you a FREE Night Driving Kit that includes an EyePromise flashlight, headlight cloth, and EyePromise gym bag, and a three-months supply of EyePromise vizual EDGE!

Here are recommended tips to make you feel more confident driving at night.

  • Make sure your windshield and headlights are clean
  • Drive slower in low-light condition
  • Leave more distance between cars
  • Use “night” setting on interior rearview mirror
  • Always have a flashlight inside your car in case of emergency
  • Schedule regular eye exams to monitor for vision issues

EyePromise vizual EDGE is an advanced, high-quality formula containing the highest level of dietary Zeaxanthin and other essential ingredients proven to maximize performance for improved vision.  Research proves nutritional supplements protect and promote eye health to directly address major night driving issues. Dietary zeaxanthin and lutein increase contrast, reduce glare, and improve recovery time. EyePromise vizual EDGE is a one-a-day-vision supplement that comes with a money-back guarantee! 

EyePromise vizual EDGE is designed to:

  • Reduce glare
  • Reduce light sensitivity
  • Improve visual acuity
  • Improve photo stress recovery
  • Improve contrast sensitivity
  • Improve processing speed

"I have kids at home that still need me to drive them around. My daughter is very active in musical theatre and dance and if I couldn't drive her around, she wouldnt be able to be involved in those things..." –Dianna, EyePromise Customer

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