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30-Day Dry Eye Guarantee.

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Great for Contact Lens Patients!

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Great for all patients who suffer from dry eye.

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30 Days to Dry Eye Relief.

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Rapid Relief. Guaranteed. In 30 Days.

EyePromise EZ Tears was developed with one thing in mind: rapid dry eye relief. Since 2011, we have collected countless testimonials from doctors and patients celebrating EZ Tears. You will, too. 

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Say "Hello" to Contact Lens Comfort. 

In a 2010 Review of Optometry survey, John Rumpakis, OD reported that 50% of contact lens wear dropout is due to comfort/fit issues, which translates to approximately $275.00 loss in annual revenue from each contact lens patient. Improve your bottom line...and your patients' discomfort. It's guaranteed.

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Dry Eye Affects Many Types of Patients.

Environmental irritants. Pre and post laser surgery. Medications. Age. Menopause. The list goes on and on. It is estimated that more than 40 million Americans suffer from dry eye. Drops are temporary. Prescriptions can be costly and uncomfortable. EyePromise EZ Tears with natural ingredients and a 30-Day Guarantee. Comfort never looked so good.  

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30-Days is a Bold Claim.

Ask your patients if they would be willing to try EZ Tears for 30 Days to relieve their dry eye symptoms - we think you will be surprised. But even more so by the results. And if YOU are not completely satisfied with EyePromise EZ Tears, we will refund your case purchases within 60 days. It is that simple. 

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Sean Mulqueeny, OD on EyePromise EZ Tears

Help your patients and your practice!

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