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dryeyeebooklandingpageDo you struggle with dry eye symptoms like blurriness, stickiness and dryness? Do your eyes often sting, burn, or itch? Maybe you feel as if a foreign particle is stuck in your eye? If so, you might have dry eye.

Dry eye is a condition in which there are insufficient tears to lubricate and nourish the eye. 

Want to learn more? Download the "Your Dry Eye Guide: Everything you need to know to ultimately find relief" e-book!

You will learn about:

  • Who battles with dry eye the most
  • What causes the condition
  • How nutrition impacts your eye health
  • How to talk to your doctor about dry eye

ECPInsight_EZTBottleLogo"I suffered with dry eye syndrome for a couple of years. I tried eye drops, gels, warm compresses, prescription drugs… nothing really worked. Started on EZ Tears about 1 year ago and it has worked. My last two appointments (every 6 months) with my ophthalmologist show no signs of dry eye. Thank you EZ Tears." – Carol A.

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